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Community Bonus

Open the Satispay app and invite your friends! For each user that signs up with your promo code and sets their Budget, you will receive a Bonus that can be used for your future payments via the app. Visit the “Invite” section to share your promo code:

  • Select a platform (Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, email, etc)
  • Choose the person you want to invite
  • Tap “Send” and share your promo code

Having received the invitation, your friend can simply click the link, enter the phone number and follow the instructions. Alternatively he or she may enter the promo code manually when signing up.

Your friend will have 10 days to complete the signup after inserting your promo code. After this point the promo code will no longer be valid and the Bonus will not be issued.

When will I receive the Bonus?

Your Bonus will be issued when the invited friend has set their Budget from the “Profile” section of the app.

Where can I see how many friends, and which ones, signed up?

You can check your friend’s progress and your Bonuses at all times from the “Invite” section. There are four possible stages for the friends you invited:

  • Signup: your friend has not completed signup yet;
  • Activation: your friend’s account has not been activated or they have not yet set their Budget;
  • Expired: your friend did not complete the registration within the 10 day limit or didn’t use your promo code;
  • Completed: the friend you invited set their Budget.

How many Bonuses can I receive?

You can receive a maximum of 15 Bonuses. Remember, even if you have received the maximum number of Bonuses, you can continue to invite friends with your promo code so that they will receive a Welcome Bonus.