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What is a Cashback and how does it work

A Cashback is a partial refund of a payment made via Satispay.
If and when there is an active promotion, the user’s Balance is credited with the Cashback immediately after the payment is sent.
The percentage amount and any limits on the Cashback are displayed in the app.

To illustrate with an example: your dinner bill comes to 50€ and luckily for you, the restaurant is offering a 10% Cashback with a max of 5€.

You send the store 50€, which is subtracted from your app’s balance. Then, having completed the payment, the 5€ Cashback is automatically added to your balance and can be used immediately, whether it be for your next purchase or simply paying a friend.

Here is what stores offering a Cashback look like within the app.

Is the Cashback a discount?

Not exactly. Although the final result is similar to a discount, Cashbacks differ in that the promotion is applied after the payment has been made.

It is therefore necessary that you have enough money in your balance to pay the full undiscounted amount.

For example, if you would like to purchase an item that costs €100 in a store that offers a 10% Cashback you must have at least €100 in your account. Even if final price accounting for the Cashback is inferior (90€) the promotion is received only after the full, undiscounted price has been paid.