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Cash Registers

It is now possible to accept Satispay payments from your cash register. Contact your supplier and ask for a software update for your terminal.

The following cash registers are compatible:

  • TcPos (Zucchetti)
  • StockStorePO (Treebyte)
  • iSelz (Serinf)
  • WinEpts (NCR)
  • Nettun@ (Olivetti)
  • iShuttle and TP.NET (Diebold Nixdorf)
  • PosA (Custom S.p.A.)
  • Atos SW (RCH)
  • Dynamico SW (RCH)
  • XStore and Store2 (Oracle)

My cash register is not compatible. What can I do?

If the supplier of your cash register has not partnered with Satispay, it is still possible to integrate our API InStore with any software. For more information, please consult the documentation we've provided.