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What is the Cashback?

By joining the "Cashback" program, you will have the opportunity to create tailor-made promotions to reward customers who choose to make payments to your business.

Cashback campaigns are promotional initiatives that give users the chance to receive a partial refund based on their purchases.

Activating it is extremely easy! With the support of our consultant, you can decide which campaign to activate in order to achieve your goals:

The Cashback allows you to increase the visibility of your store within the Satispay app: as a matter of fact users will be able to see you as one of the first stores, once they activate the Cashback filter.  

Is it possible to activate multiple types of Cashback simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to combine the Cashback First Purchase with one of the other campaigns.

For example, if we wanted to attract new customers and reward their purchases, we could offer a 20% Cashback on the first purchase (Cashback First Purchase) and a 5% Cashback on all subsequent purchases (Classic Cashback).