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What is the Cashback Network?

By activating the “Cashback Network” program, you can create custom promotions to reward your clientele with partial refunds when they pay in your store.

To set up a Cashback, simply login to your Dashboard and choose from the available formats:

1. Classic Cashback - offer a Cashback (eg. a partial refund of 20%) every time a customer pays in your store.

2. Incremental Cashback - offer your customers a Cashback that increases with each payment that they make in your store. For example, 5% on the first purchase, 10% on the second, 15% on all subsequent payments.

3. First Purchase Cashback - offer a Cashback on each user's first purchase in your store.

The Cashback Network allows you to increase your store's visibility. The promotion w be discovered by nearby consumers within a dedicated section of the Satispay app.

Remember it is only possibile to activate Cashback promotions in physical stores.

Is it possible to have different Cashbacks active simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to combine the First Purchase Cashback with one of the other two.

For example: if you would like to attract new customers and reward purchases, you could offer a 20% Cashback on your customers' first payment in your store (Cashback Primo Acquisto) and a 5% Cashback on all future payments (Cashback Classico).