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How to request a payment

Tap on the Remote Payment section in your Satispay Business app to request a payment and select the option that best responds to your needs.

Single request

There are two ways you can decide to request a single payment with a specific amount and its related description*:

  • Inserting the customer’s phone number and tapping “Send”. This way you can monitor your payment requests from the app home page. 
  • Without inserting the phone number. Tap on “Share link” and share it using the channel you prefer - chats or social media. Your customers will only need to click on the link to send the payment.

*By description is meant a brief text you can add in the customer’s order (eg. Order Nr. 120) 

General request

A general request is the perfect solution to receive payments with different amounts from many customers. You just need to share the link associated with your shop via chat, email or social media to receive any kind of payment. 

Custom request

A custom request is the perfect way to receive many payments with the same amount - eg. from a group of customers who decide to split the bill. You can create and share a custom link with the amount you prefer.