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Find out how to create your shop on Satispay Business

In this section you will find all your stores. 

As soon as you create your physical store, it will be visible to users in the list of stores that accept Satispay. 

Do you have an ecommerce store? Satispay will appear right away at checkout! 

How can you create your "Shop"?

Proceed as follows:

  • log in to your Dashboard at;
  • click on "Stores" in the menu on the left;
  • click on the "Add New" button;

Choose the type that best suits your business from the categories present:

  • 🏠 Physical store: physical stores with fixed locations. More details here;
  • 🛵 Business on-the-move: Taxi/NCC, street vendors, freelancers and other businesses without fixed location. More details here;
  • 💻 E-commerce website: add Satispay as a payment method to your e-commerce website. All required information here;
  • 📲 E-commerce app: add Satispay as a payment method for in app purchases. All required information here;
  • 🌍 Social Media Platform: suitable for receiving payments or donations on your social and web channels. It allows you to receive payments via a link that you can share with whomever you want. The service does not include a purchase cart and is particularly suitable for donations. Need more details? Have a look here;
  • 🏧 Smart-Touch Distributor: distributors with internet and displays that deliver products and services on demand. More details here.

Once this step is completed, the physical or mobile store will be active and visible to users in the Satispay App.

⚠️To be able to accept payments, you must connect a device to the store with an activation code 🔢

If you have any doubts about the devices that can be associated with your store, you can find a description of the various types here.

💡Online stores and distributors will not be visible in the App. Instead, you will always need to enter a code to activate the service.