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Brick & Mortar and On-the-move

You can easily accept payments in your store. Satispay Business allows you to accept payments via smartphone and tablet, even if your business is on the move (taxi / vehicle for hire, street vendor, freelancer and all other businesses without a fixed address). The app is available for a variety of devices and platforms.

Smartphones and tablets

It's possible to install the Satispay Business app on the following devices:

PC and Mac

The Satispay Business desktop app is available for the following operating systems:

You can download the version that suits your needs on the website's Business section.

If your business is on the move, to request this option, select "Satispay On-The-Move" from the menu within the Satispay Business app. 

Cash Register

It's also possible to accept payments from your cash register. Contact your supplier and ask for a software update for your terminal. The following cash registers are compatible:

If the supplier of your cash register has not partnered with Satispay, it is still possible to integrate our API with any software.

For more information, please consult the documentation we've provided.

POS Payment Terminals

It is now possible to accept payments from POS Pax and Ingenico payment terminals supplied by our partners:

We kindly remind you that Satispay does not supply payment terminals.

How many devices can I activate?

As many as you want! There is no limit on the number of devices that you can activate.

You can download the Satispay Business app on one or more smartphones, computers and even activate your payment terminal or cash register, if compatible.

The most important thing is that you activate as many devices as needed so that your business is always ready to accept payments at any moment.

Remember, it is not possible to associate a device with more than one store.