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Activation code

The activation code is a 6-digit token. The Satispay Business app will ask you to insert this code in order to activate a new device, which can then be used to accept payments in your store. The activation code must be generated directly from your Dashboard, by clicking "Aggiungi un dispositivo" and following the instructions.

How can I add a new device to accept payments?

To add a new device to accept payments in your store, download the Satispay Business app on your device (you can find all versions of the app in the Business section of our website). Then open the app and enter the Activation Code, which can be retrieved as follows:

  • Open the app and click on "Don't have an Activation Code". Then select the "Email or SMS" option and enter your tax code (P.IVA or Codice Fiscale) to receive the Activation Code via email or SMS.
  • Sign in to your Dashboard at, click "Negozi Fisici" in the menu on the left, and then click on "Aggiungi un dispositivo" to generate an activation code
  • If you already have an active device you can simply select "Create Activation Code" in the menu of the Satispay Business app

If you have a POS PAX payment terminal, follow the video tutorial on inserting your Activation Code.

Remember that each activation code can only be used to activate one device. To activate more devices you will need new activation codes, which you can create by simply repeating the above steps.