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Why hasn't my Welcome Bonus arrived?

If during the registration process you have correctly inserted a promo code, you’ll receive a 5€ bonus once your account will be active and you’ll have set your very first weekly Budget. Remember you’ll need to complete the registration process within 10 days in order to receive the bonus. After this time the promo code will not be valid anymore.

We kindly remind you that due to the high demand of new users registration it might take a little longer than usual to verify your account. But don’t worry, the promo code won’t be affected by this.

If you have invited someone to join Satispay and they’ve correctly entered your promo code during the registration step you’ll receive the bonus once your contact has set the weekly Budget for the first time. You can check the status of their registration and the full list of the contacts invited to join directly in the Invite Friends section of the App. If a contact hasn’t entered the code correctly during registration, it won’t appear in the list. 

You can find more information on the Welcome Bonus in the Promotions area of our website.