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What is the Budget?

The Budget is the minimum amount of money you want available every week on your Satispay account. You can set it directly on the App by going to Profile Top-up Modify

Once the budget is set, the selected amount will be withdrawn from your bank account and deposited on your Satispay account. This transfer can take up to a few working days to be completed. 

After the first Budget is credited to your account, depending on the balance of your account each Monday a transfer is issued starting from 23:59 of the Sunday evening, in order to restore the Budget you’ve set. This transfer happens only if your balance is at least 5€ below your budget. This transfer happens via direct debit (SDD) on your bank account and it’s completed within the following Tuesday. 

If I set a Budget of 100 €, does it mean that every week Satispay will take 100 € from my bank account? 

No! We’ll only take 100 € when you’ve set your Budget for the first time. The following Top-ups will only be issued if after the 23:59 of the Sunday your balance in the app is lower than your Budget of at least 5 €.

Let’s make an example: If after the 23:59 of the Sunday your balance is 80 € - with a Budget of 100 € - we’ll issue a transfer of 20 €, which will be credited within the following Tuesday.