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Budget: what it is and how it works

The “Budget” is the amount of money you need to get you through the week. That is, if you receive or send money during the week then your balance will increase or decrease accordingly (your Budget however will stay the same).

At the beginning of each week, your balance will return to the level of the Budget that you set. Therefore, if by the end of the week your Satispay balance is lower than your Budget, then the difference will be automatically transferred from your bank account to your Satispay (arriving on Tuesday at the latest). On the other hand, if at the end of the week your balance is greater than your Budget, then the extra money will be transferred from your Satispay account to your bank account on Sunday at midnight.

If I set a Budget of €100, will Satispay withdraw €100 from my account every week?

No. Satispay will withdraw €100 for your first top-up, however all following top-ups depend entirely on your account balance: for example, if by the end of the week your balance has not changed (eg. if you have neither sent nor received money), no top-up will be performed.