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How do I transfer my Satispay availability back into my bank account?

Transfers from your Satispay account to your bank account are manual, and you can issue a bank transfer whenever you want. Simply go to Profile Top-up Transfer to Bank Account, and then set the desired amount to transfer to your bank account.

Being this a bank transfer it can take up to a few working days in order to be credited.

Why can’t I see the Transfer to Bank account option? 

This means that your Satispay account is not yet able to dispose a manual bank transfer, but it will soon be! We’re working hard to make this option available to all Satispay users as soon as possible - right now it’s not possible to release it on demand. Once this update will be available for your account we’ll send you an email. 

In the eventuality this option is not yet active on your Satispay account, the transfer of the availability exceeding your Budget it’s automatic, and the bank transfer will be issued after 23:59 of the Sunday.